Meet the Voices Of OLOL

Meet Desiree Robinson

 I like to think I know who I am.  I have been A Wife, A Widow, and A Mother.  I am soon to be a Grandmother. With All these Titles, I am attempting to figure out who Desiree is.  In the last 35 years I have been using those titles to identify myself and my role while not having a Name for myself.  The individual.  Follow me as, I allow myself to become more than the assigned title.  It is going to be new to some,   but I am sure you will feel that Pam and I,” Are preaching to the Choir.”  No longer will be, “The elephant in the Room.” 

 Stay tuned...we got you.

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Living and Loving Everything About Our Life Over 50 

A Social Learning Podcast for Everyone


Meet Pam Brown

Hey!  I’m Pam. A 50 something homemaker and entrepreneur.  I have a few degrees to go along with my three children.  The Man.  Two grandchildren.  One DILL.  A ton of wonderful people and a lot of other stuff in my life.  I wanted to participate in this journey with Desiree to expose the real life experiences of this woman in hopes that everyone listening will gain a better understanding of what makes life good, hard, and worthwhile all at the same time.  Get ready for the OLOL Experience.