What is Our Life Out Loud

Living and Loving Everything About Our Life Over 50 - A Social Learning Podcast for Everyone

We (Desiree and Pam), took a look at ourselves, our lives, our journeys, and where we are right now in this space.  It wasn't as if we were unhappy, or maybe we were.  It wasn't as if we were disappointed, or maybe we were.  It was just time.  Time to discover the ultimate purpose of life, specifically our lives.  Either way, there is something to gain in this story.  

"Here we are sorting through our minds to determine what's important and working together to understand the complexities of this era in our world.  We don't have an answer, but we definitely have an opinion or two.  We wanted to develop a space for everyone to gain an understanding and a perspective that may not be the same as their own.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being different yet having a common goal.  Let's learn to understand each other through the minds of two adult women and their pool of friends and family."

Our Life Out Loud is intended to be a space for everyone without judgement and without fear to listen and gain knowledge of one another and hopefully find a common ground in order to achieve forward progress together.  This is an opportunity to talk about the challenges of living life as an adult.  Living life includes children, spouses, relationships, parents, friends, jobs, illness, healthy living, politics, sports and so much more. 

Join us on this adventure of Our Life Out Loud. 

With Love and Friendship,

Desiree and Pam