What are we talking about again? Happiness. Right. Well as it is defined in Webster’s, “The state of being”. UH…. OK! That really didn’t help. Or…maybe it did. I ponder on that word, the term, happiness often. As I seem to have spent the last 50 years looking to achieve it. I have had so many others attempt to define it for me. What is happiness?

I had the fortunate opportunity to hang with the GRANDsons a few weeks ago. We (parents included), the Daughter, the GRANDsons and I were in the family room of my son and daughter-in-law’s home. Just chilling. No major plans. Enjoying each other. The GRANDsons were sliding down their Little Tikes Slide. Yes! In the family room (mind yo business). It’s who we are! Each time one of the boys slid down the slide or did anything really, we all cheered. They were elated. Of course, the cheering gave reason to of course, go slide again. The joy in their eyes and their effort was priceless. At one point the youngest GRANDson literally “muscled up” with enthusiasm. You know how when a body builder is displaying his muscles to make sure you noticed the best parts of his physique? Imagine that same effort and energy from the excitement of family cheers in the body of a 14-month-old…. PRICELESS!

Have you ever listened to the conversations of the birds in the early morning? When there is a quiet, peaceful still in the air as we all begin the rush of our morning routine? It becomes even more pronounced, the chirping in the early hours after a spring rain. In most cases, we are all annoyed as it usually awakes us from a very sound, likely needed sleep. Can you imagine the conversations in the bird’s nest with the Momma Bird and the children? It’s like our early morning conversations. We are all so unique yet connected.

I can honestly say I have spent years, decades even searching for the “Happiness” that everyone has told me I needed to find. Most have designed my happiness on getting my education, finding a man (not the right man, just any man), getting that dream job that pays you a ton of money, working for a boss that respects what you do and is loyal to your growth, buying that dream house, having that financial wealth that equates to a retirement fund, a savings plan, a college fund, and no debt. Once you do this, you will be happy. Really? Even better, once I lose weight, you will be happy. OR If you get healthy and eat right, you will be happy. NO! You will just be healthier.

Let’s be real. It’s not to say that you shouldn’t have dreams. It’s not to say that losing weight may make you feel better. It’s not to say that you don’t want that JOB. Obviously, we don’t want to be deeply bedded in a sea of debt. Happiness…real, deep-down, overflowing, overwhelming, joyous happiness has absolutely nothing to do with your bank account, the house you own, the job you have. No, real happiness is that “Sweet Present Moment” of life. If your health isn’t where it should be or where you would like it to be, do you honestly think more money in the bank is going to make it better?

Happiness, the happiness that is so deeply engrained in your soul. When you wake up, and you are overwhelmed with a feeling of pure joy. The health benefits of heart and brain coherence designed to give you wholeness and wellness. Happiness!

Imagine the GRANDsons feeling when he “MUSCLED UP”. He’s 14 months old. He has no idea of debts (that’s his Mom and Dad’s job). He could care less about his college fund. He knows absolutely nothing about a house payment. At that very moment, his JOY was everything. At that very moment in the presence of people who made him laugh and enjoyed him, he felt “ELATION” …” MUSCLED UP”.

Happiness has absolutely nothing to do with what others have convinced us it is or should be. Happiness is a presence in you. We all have a daily routine filled with expectations, goals, and things to check off the “To-Do List”. Don’t equate your responsibilities with your HAPPINESS! Take some time to BE in your HAPPINESS today!!!!

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