I Need to Say Something Here!

I was listening to Motivational YouTuber Evan Carmichael. He was conducting an interview with Joe Dispenza. Joe Dispenza is a doctor /scientist /neuroscientist that helps others manifest information and abilities from the Universe. It’s a lot more detailed than that, but ultimately its about how you control your emotions and your desires to manifest what you want from the Universe. There’s a point to this. In the conversation, Dispenza says, “We (people) spend all this time trying to move matter. It’s not the matter that needs to move.”

The reason I felt the need to say what I am about to say is about the need and resistance to change. We (people) have spent generations, hundreds of years even condemned to a belief of there being only “THIS” way to accomplish things or believe in things. Specifically, the conversation talks about the constant, ongoing conversation about the flying automobile. Meaning, in our mind we have this idea of a car, our car with the wings and capacity to lift off the ground. Think about this. The idea isn’t a flying car, but a mode of transportation for travel and preferably fast travel. We already have that right? It’s called an airplane. We travel from one end of the country to the other in a matter of hours.

Again, my point…we don’t need to be the all-knowing constant in our world. We don’t have the right answer for every situation. We shouldn’t. We need a capacity that thinks outside the limitations of what is in front of us. We need the ability to recognize every venture is not necessarily the exact right fit for everyone else. Don’t allow yourself to be consumed with the idea of what the perceived perfect picture is.

As parents, especially as mothers, we drill into our children this specific set of rules beyond the limits of self-preservation. We have in our mind what we want to our children to achieve, what we want our children to become, how our children should behave, and so on and so on. I am quite confident this is resonating with many of us. The truth is, this wonderous reality we exist in is determined by only what we take out of it. Each of us can reach out and claim a path as we desire.

When you are frustrated with your kid for not paying attention to you or going in direct opposition of your beliefs and understanding, watch, listen and absorb. You might just find a new understanding for yourself that opens a new pathway of your own understanding. We truly don’t have all the answers. Don’t be consumed by your way or your own understanding that limits you or your family members. There are so many opportunities and so many variations. Let them define their path. By no means should we limit them.

It’s sad…the world the way it is right now. The hatred. The confusion. The dishonesty. The broken nature. The distrust. The greed. The dishonor. It didn’t just start happening. This structure has been in position for hundreds of years creating the chaos that we live within. What if we could change the Universe to a peaceful coexistence? What do you see? What do you believe? Can we really stop hatred based on differences? Can we find cohesiveness? Our continued existence depends on the open voyage in the mind of the generations coming. The wonderment within each of us is a desire to achieve and strive for something greater.

Don’t be afraid to explore beyond what you know, understand, or have experienced. Listen to your environment and your children. Recognize something greater than yourself and learn from those around you. Be willing to be greater!

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