Living with Purposeful Intention

The movie, "One Night in Miami"…Jim Brown’s monologue with Malcom X, “If the goal is for us to be free, really be free, then the key is economic freedom. No one is more economically free than Sam. Technically he is the only one of us not waiting on a paycheck from a white man… You know the one thing white folks are masters at is tapping into our passions to a point where we forget about the important stuff…A hero you say. I ain’t no hero to them. Some white folks cannot wait to pat themselves on the back for not being cruel to us. Like we should be singing hosannas just because they found the kindness in their hearts to almost treat us like real human beings. Do you expect a dog to give you a medal for not kicking it that day? I hate those motherfuckers more than the rednecks who just put it all out there. I’ll be dammed if I ever forget what they really think of me. The thing that I love about Sam is that he doesn’t forget either and he does not deserve you implying otherwise. We are not anybody’s weapons.”

William Cooper’s 1991 densely written, “Behold a Pale Horse” speaks of the murderous mentality of a structure designed to bring a demise to the black and the black loved population. Easily proclaimed a conspiracy theorist reading. Where is the real conspiracy? Is what we conspire to truly what is purposeful?

“Media: Keep the adult public attention diverted away from the real social issues, and captivated by matters of no real importance. Schools: Keep the young public ignorant of real mathematics, real economics, real law, and REAL HISTORY [WC emphasis]. Entertainment: Keep the public entertainment below a sixth-grade level. Work: Keep the public busy, busy, busy, with no time to think; back on the farm with the other animals.” Milton William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse

“Caple Splicer One, Two and Three, to justify the needs for dealing with civil disturbances: “Phase One: an arrest and shooting provoke crowd unrest and threats against public officials and a riot begins to form. Phase Two: police vehicles are ambushed, various attempted assassinations of public officials occur, destruction and raiding of armories occur, and thousands of people begin to gather, and local police lose control. Phase Three: increased movement of rioters and the crowds must be dispersed before they become sympathetic with the rioters. The National Guard and the local police lose control.” Milton William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse

“All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. [THE END ALWAYS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.]” Milton William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse

“What Mr. Rothschild had discovered was the basic principle of power, influence, and control over people as applied to economics. That principle is "when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you." Mr. Rothschild had discovered that currency or deposit loan accounts had the required appearance of power that could be used to INDUCE PEOPLE [WC emphasis] (inductance, with people corresponding to a magnetic field) into surrendering their real wealth in exchange for a promise of greater wealth (instead of real compensation). They would put up real collateral in exchange for a loan of promissory notes. Mr. Rothschild found that he could issue more notes than he had backing for, so long as he had someone's stock of gold as a persuader to show to his customers. Mr. Rothschild loaned his promissory notes to individuals and to governments. These would create overconfidence. Then he would make money scarce, tighten control of the system, and collect the collateral through the obligation of contracts. The cycle was then repeated. These pressures could be used to ignite a war. Then he would control the availability of currency to determine who would win the war. That government which agreed to give him control of its economic system got his support.” Milton William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse

Mind you I have read this book on three separate occasions over my lifetime. Each reading brings about a deeper understanding with a purposeful intent. Purposeful…I do find that word invoking a stir of conscious awareness within me. The desire to recognize the depth of the societal upbringing that creates an ongoing suffrage where we all, without regard to color, exists. It’s a domicile of uncertainty for each of us. How do we know not to know what we know? The commitment it has taken to create a chaotic system based on the needs of a few without the resolve for any. Unattainable. Likely the most unclarified, unresolved, and unresponsive portion of the existence of all of us that can not be undone.

Unhappy. Unfounded. Lost. All with a purposeful forced direction. Someone set out to create this injustice. When identified, do you suffer a fate of death? Purposeful...Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, Huey Newton, Nipsey Hussle. The list is endless. Is there no resolve to this story? We continue this path of the personally assigned righteous. Is it purposeful?

Can we correct the intentionally designed purpose to control and maintain a status quo of the slave mentality? Can this path of human destruction be demolished or is it a simple fantasy to the knowing few? Questions with no answers to the intent. It’s a time of purpose. Deception falls under so many names with so many faces while portraying itself as the truth. Who is aware of what circulates amongst us and how to we redirect the path prepared for us so many centuries ago?

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

Martin Luther King, Jr., MLK50

Purposeful Intent. I search my thoughts and my routine to identify “My Purpose”. The surge of energies is real and a burning sensation of my reality. Purposeful Intent. As we look to honor one of the greatest leaders in our country this Monday (January 18, 2021) recognize your “Purposeful Intent” to make a change towards a righteous equality of everyone.

I feel a desire to move with purpose beyond the limits placed upon me. I think I have always felt this way but was all too often stalled by the ever -obvious existence within the presence. The need for greater is upon me, within me and near me. Although I have yet to identify how that represents itself, I recognize it’s ever presence in the fiber of my spirit. The Purpose Intent of moving beyond what has encapsulated you for so very long. The sheer need for basic existence. Alignment with purpose.

Are you able to recognize where history has brought us and why there is such a thirst for change, an uprising if you will? It’s as if we are tending bad soil to create organic crops. The need goes beyond simple tending of the soil, but a “Purposeful Intent” to change the structure of what has rooted us. Make a difference through your own “Purposeful Intent”.

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