Take the Call!

I got a call from my cousin yesterday. As soon as I saw the number, I tossed my head back in the way you do when something is annoying you. You know how when you shrug your shoulders and kind of lean back in a manner of frustration. Not because I don’t like talking to her. Not because when I say cousin, I really mean MY FAVORITE, BEST FRIEND, ONLY COUSIN in the world COUSIN. If ever there was a person in my life who helped me clean up my shit (and trust me, in my younger life, there was a lot of shit to clean up), this cousin was the one who was there without question to help mop up puddles and make things right. This cousin is almost exactly ten years older than me. She isn’t just the fixer with me, but with most of her family. After the passing of her parents, she has become the matriarch for certain. So it wasn’t that I didn’t want to talk to her. Heck, we hadn’t talked in over two months. It was the fact I had a million tasks to accomplish, and I knew if I answered that phone, I would easily be another hour behind schedule. What did I do…? I missed her call and called her right back!

During the conversation, we exchanged the normal pleasantries. The beginning of a quick, “I love My Cousin” thing. The conversation goes on. Before I knew it, we had talked to our cousin on the west coast who was dealing with the lost of her mother, uncle and technically her brother in a horrific situation again exchanging simple pleasantries. We went over a mother daughter moment about her picking up her grandkids. We talked finances, frustrations, goals, my brothers (also her cousins), and the one agenda item that set me off. She explained that she collapsed in her kitchen and had injured her head, wrist, knee and elbow. Why did she fall?

My cousin has an interesting way of dealing with her diabetic condition. It is so interesting that I seem to recall many situations as a teenager my father handling his condition in the same manner. Must run in our family. Either that or we are all a bunch of dumb asses. Anyway, she proceeds to tell me how she enjoyed pizza, cake and ice cream at her granddaughter’s birthday party earlier in the month. That night she increased or “adjusted” I believe was the word she used her Trulicity dosage to accommodate the extraordinary festive eating. Of course, this took a toll on her internal organs and caused her blood sugar levels to drop to an abnormally low number. Had it not been for a severe cramp in her leg, she may not have gotten up.

The COUSIN is now recovering from her injuries and learning to handle her medications and diet. I think this situation put a little fear in her heart. She has every desire to live and live gloriously. So, this scenario put her in a slow down mode. That is why it is important to “Take the Call”. We are all so busy. I am very aware of my level of the hectic pace and things to do list. We each have jobs that require specific expectations from us. We each have responsibilities that take up major portions of our day. We all are on this path of accomplishment. These are all so set by design. This is the structure in which we exist.

What’s wrong with “Taking the Call” at what seems like the most inconvenient time? What’s going to happen if you stop and make time for something not on your agenda? Maybe you save a life. Maybe you save yourself. Maybe you reconnect in a space you didn’t realize you needed. This may be difficult for most of us to conceive. The daily grind of deadlines and expectations others have placed on us can make it difficult. I feel as though we have been designed to remain in this state of busy confusion and we lose the opportunity to connect with one another and thus create the chaos we see around us. Take the moment today to connect with the unexpected event in your life. Live YOUR Life Out Loud!!!!

Just over 34.2 million adults have diabetes in the United States (1-10 Americans). While over 88 million live in a pre-diabetic state (1 in 3 Americans). There are over 463 million people over the world living daily with diabetes. The CDC estimates this global number to be over 700 million by 2045. The World Health Organization foresees diabetes as a global burden of monstrous proportion for us.


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