The "Go-Forward" of Your Real Purpose

We have all managed to reach a particular point in our story. Whether is age, education, loss, love, income, illness, or family. We have reached with pride or disappointment some level achievement. In many cases, we reflect on our story, our past with pride and elation. More often, we harp on the regrets of our past. That existence in the regrets, the negatives is what keeps us from our REAL, INTENDED PURPOSE.

Has anyone ever asked you, “If you could go back in time, what would you change about your life and the decisions you made?” As you read these words now, you are pondering the idea I am certain. Whenever that question is posed to me, my response is always unequivocally the exact same as it has been for over ten years. “Absolutely NOTHIING!” I wouldn’t want to go back. I wouldn’t want to revisit. I wouldn’t even want to discuss it for the most part. If you are wondering why, I can tell you in two simple words…” ITS PAST!”

There were so many amazing things that came from the last 50+ years of my life. Most of what has come from my journey, I relish. Specifically, my understanding of My Higher Power, My Children, My Man, My Friendships, My Diverse Family, My Education, My Experiences. In the under tone, the loss, the hurt, the disappointment, the woes, the illness. I have learned an appreciation for all of it. It’s not easy being grateful for the negatives as it is for the positives, but it all connects to the person I am right now. The person I see, the person I feel myself to be, the person with a different perspective than most.

It’s not about a revisit. It’s not a do over that I am ever seeking. It’s about the go forward. Life is so far from over. Everyday we open our eyes and are grateful, happy, and glad in the presence of our Higher Power. Every moment we can say “Good Morning”, “I love you”, “I am happy” or any encouragement to another individual is a “Go-Forward”. Every single day the sun peaks out over the horizon designed especially for each of us as we interpret it, is an opportunity for a “Go-Forward”.

I search daily for an opportunity to make a difference. I want to have an impact on those

around me. I want my purpose to be something you need. Therefore, I wake with an intent every day. An intent not to look back at the wrong paths, bad choices, empty opportunities, love loss, life loss, but at the “Go-Forward” to something better. It’s not to say that I don’t reminisce over situations and people. That’s goes without saying. At this point in my life, I can’t think of a day where thoughts of my mother have not been most present in my daily routine. The “Go-Forward” is your daily renewed opportunity for something different. Something more fitting a purposeful life as each of us possess.

Your purpose may not look like the purpose of the person standing next to you. Obviously, it shouldn’t. Don’t allow someone’s conception of purpose detour your own purpose. It’s not a race or a competition. It’s your “Go-Forward” Purpose. We must move forward in our lives and determine our individual purpose. Be specific in your “Go-Forward”. Be challenged by the goals within your “Go-Forward”. Be inspired by those who are on the path of their purpose as they move through their own “Go-Forward”. Don’t be intimidated by the structure of your perceived “Go-Forward”. As you search your purpose, there are no limits on your journey to achieving your most powerful “Go-Forward” Plan.

Be encouraged!!!!!

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