The Presence of Negativity

This past weekend, I encountered a series of negative encounters and energies that could have created a directional change for me and many of those around me. Just to name a few; the negative energies spring from a myriad of things and events ranging from financial concerns impacting growth, rejections effecting family, miscommunication creating a negative response, a misdirected association that could be detrimental long-term. The massive amount of work and effort put into the past few months was threatened in a matter of a few days all because of negative energy.

It’s not so much that the occurrences happened. I imagine that many of us experience an energy force overcoming you if you are aware of your place in the universe. The fact of the matter is how we respond to those negative energies and immediately begin the process of releasing them, so they don’t continually impact your response going forward.

Initially, it was heavy. Draining even. If it not for the fact that I could recognize what was happening, I may have been consumed, and for a moment I believed I was very much engulfed in the feeling of hopelessness. Three things occurred to help me realign my understanding of my own personal energy.

My “father-in-law/friend” gave a resonating sermon online regarding the “Forgiveness of Sin”. Not so much that we forgive others for sins against us, but we forgive sins we have committed upon ourselves. Releasing the hurt and confusion that settles on our surface. When others recognize the power within you, how important it is to step into faith on the capacity of your energies. Activating your faith. Not letting the pronounced necessity of selflessness to consume the energy and faith of self. It was simple, just love one another. As God loved, let us do the same.

Then, “The Man” allowed me to vent. Not a long outrageous tirade. It wasn’t necessary. It was a moment of acknowledgement of the fierce negativity circulating around us, around me, and my desire to cut it off at the past. The vengeance of evil and how it lurks ever so slightly when you are on the verge of a creditable breakthrough.

After, later in the early morning, was the moment of silence. The moment of meditation that helped me realign the purpose. In the moments of silence came the realignment of my purpose, my energies, my self-assurance that helped me realize what I can achieve in this universe.

My point and purpose here, is simple. Falling into despair or a lack mindset is

not acceptable in your universe of happiness, prosperity, and love. Release the negativity so that it doesn’t continue to burn into your inner being and become a permanent fixture in your sphere. By acknowledging and releasing you leave space for what is truly intended for you, and your plan continues to flow.

Joe Dispenza said, “Living in the past does not allow you to create your future.”

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