The Purpose

The thought comes to mind that everyone has a reason for existence. In most cases, we all spend time going through the processes of life. We have our daily routines.

When Desiree and I stepped out on faith a little less than a year ago and decided to launch, the Our Life Out Loud Podcast, we obviously had no experience in the broadcasting industry. That’s not what we were relying on anyway. What we had was a base for a good story. The essence of something anyone would want to hear about.

We were excited to openly discuss the Left Ventricle Assist Device that we lovingly refer to as Lorna. We were eager to bring an awareness to the need for organ donorship and the ups and downs of living with the need for someone to give her a heart. That, alone, was a story worth telling.

We had over 40 years of diverse conversation about women and the paths travelled. It was obvious. We were women…CHECK. We were over 50…CHECK. We have both lived lives full of so many stories worth telling and sharing. Likely because our children don’t want to hear them. Ultimately, we decided that the goal for Our Life Out Loud would be to stimulate our community. We wanted everyone to have a voice. I mean, we weren’t the only ones with a story or a life worth sharing. The initial concept was to share stories, life events, circumstances with the idea to touch and impact others successfully. We wanted you to understand our paths in hopes that you would gain something meaningful or worthwhile to improve your journey.

Here we are over six months into this journey, and I almost feel as though we have failed our listeners. We are a bit disappointing. We have had fun, creating the weekly podcast. We have enjoyed the stories we’ve told. We’ve laughed at the memes and the quotes we posted on our social media accounts. In many cases, we appear to have inspired a few with our dialogue and our conversations. I am grateful for the opportunities we have shared with everyone. Is that it?

I don’t believe this is the end of our journey. Not even close. I do believe we have a purpose greater than what we are now distributing. There is an opportunity here for us to gain a space for development, for knowledge, for inspiration, for growth. This is a real stage for real people with a real story. Our goal is to give back something progressive. Not cheesy. Not to sale you a thought or an idea. A space of authenticity.

On the go forward, we want to bring you real stories. Real dialogue. A real space with opportunity to give back and do more. Stay Tuned to the Updated Version of Our Life Out Loud!!!!!

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