The Reason for the Our Life Out Loud Podcast

When Desiree and I started this adventure, my thought was we would have a platform for discussion regarding Desiree’s journey of needing a heart transplant. It was a conversation and topic we had gone over again and again with usually no resolution. Heart transplants and the need for organ donor

ship seemed clear cut. Eventually, what we got was something beyond Desiree’s need for a heart. The Journey was an awakening of what we each needed and ultimately what we wanted to offer to others.

My son suggested several years ago I start a conversation of about my life story. The sheer idea made me cringe. Who cares about my story? What has happened in my life

that millions, possibly billions of other women across the universe hadn’t already experienced. What I came to realize was that I was right women everywhere were on similar paths to maturity. Life of 50+ years. The unique difference in their story and mine, it was MY STORY! How I absorbed information. How I handled tragedy. How love and hurt had impacted my life. MY children. MY family. MY career. It was and is MY STORY! The way I responded, reacted, overcame, succeeded, and despite the obstacles and turmoil.

As I considered the last 52 years, I realized there is a lot of living in that time. I’m not Michelle Obama…THANK GOODNESS! The sheer idea of that role is exhausting. must give applause and kudos when due. MY ONGOING STORY isn’t very glamorous (or maybe it is to some). Yet, it is a story worth sharing. The encounters, the experiences, the chances, the opportunities, the love, the tragedy, the hurt, the struggles, the realization, the sacrifice, the fear, the FUN, the laughter and so much more. Someone needs to hear these life lessons and possibly gain something they need to help them understand, “It’s truly going to be ok. It’s not that bad!”

As Our Life Out Loud progresses into 2021, our goal and focus will be to challenge ourselves and our family audience to search within themselves and share their stories to help others establish peace. We all have something worthy of bringing to the table and giving to others. Starting with ourselves, we unveil the history of us and our story. We will set the example of the expectation of the others that we bring on this journey. We are excited and I hope others are as well to be part of this amazing opportunity of sharing and growing. Best of Success in Everything for every OLOL Journey Maker in 2021!

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