Give 100% of Your Best Effort Everyday of Your Life

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

We are all so consumed with the balancing act of life. What does it mean to give your best effort everyday? Aren't we already giving it our very best?

Without approval. That’s probably the most complex portion of the entire title of this post. Approval is the expectation everyday in whatever we do. We want someone to notice what we are doing. Regardless of the level of merit, we just want the notoriety, right?

Many of us spend our entire life looking for that approval. That acceptance that makes us part of a bigger entity. We need to feel like we have a role in a group. Think about it…. mothers…. daughters…. children…. family. We have based our entire life on being part of “That Group”.

In many instances, we are part of a particular group simply by birthright. It’s what we are born into. Where we were supposed to be. Who we are internally connected to? We leave our families and venture out into the world, discover, and redefine our much-needed groups. After all, its what our purpose is based on right?

Often those groups are so clearly defined they create hostility amongst other groups. This isn’t a place for the evaluation of hate right now, but recognize those groups exist as well. Your group or groups that define your role in this place where you exist. Are you certain? Are you absolutely sure that where you are and the position you are in is everything you should be? I often ask myself even at 52 years old, “What are you going to be when you grow up?”

I was never that kid that said I wanted to be a veterinarian, a doctor, a fire fighter, a police officer. NOPE. The one thing I could always identify with was independence as I know it now. I am sure I placed my mother in shear agony because I refused to conform to the norms of teenage girl mentality. I was different, unique even although a true pain in the ass for certain. I enjoyed things that were not common to teenage girls during my era.

The one common aspect that resonates with me even to this day was effort. No matter what I was striving to be, the magician, the artist, the chef, the mechanic…it was effort. That same effort of my original purpose exists within me today. It’s that effort that defines my unique talents and allow me to enhance my skills while exploring different groups. This world is truly a fascinating place to live in right now. Despite all the chaos, the concept of groups continues to grow and redefines and/or eliminates the barriers that exist because of our unique differences.

That effort is what sets us apart. Not the groups that we are derived from or the ones that we find comfort, but it’s that efforts that pushes us to define our unique characteristics. Where is your effort today?

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