You Were Not Meant to Be Limited!

You were never meant to be limited. You were never meant to be small. The Universe knows this and is aware of this. Now it is time for you to take hold of that reality and move in the direction of your intended purpose. Sounds simple enough…right? Is it really? YES. It’s the change and the understanding that’s difficult.

As most of you do, I am certain, as do I, spend our waking moments in motion. We may even call it action. We are all so busy. Moving along through our day from the moment we awake and open our eyes. We process the day ahead filled with “ACTION”. Paying bills (notice I put this first), making coffee, making breakfast, planning dinner, getting kids ready for school, getting to work, processing responsibilities of the workday, working to align with the expectations of our management upline. In many cases we are aligning to someone else’s universe and not our own. Don’t forget appointments. Doctor, dentist, therapy, basketball, volleyball, training. Then the schedule. What needs to be done this week? Who’s on the agenda? What can I get done? How much needs to be done? Only to end the day in preparation to do it all over again the next morning.

Don’t misunderstand...these are responsibilities of our daily life.

We choose to get through these tasks. It’s our choice…right? Are we truly aligned with what our intended purpose is while we are here? OR Are we limiting ourselves for the sake of ensuring all these “TASKS” are completed daily? Are we allowing others and responsibilities to keep us small? Think about it! What are your thoughts outside of your TASKS? That art project that you are most certain you can achieve. That song in your heart that only you know the lyrics. Perhaps, its more of a greater level of education. Limitless!

I was in a good conversation with a friend. The discussion was one full of unrest. As we were discussing the inability to leave a situation because of the financial obligations behind that current situation. To simplify it, LIMITED. In two different scenarios, I had been with organizations for over a decade. Doing very well financially, mid to upper-level management. Managing a team size up of 200 people. After completing a few degrees in business and organizational management, you would think this was the answer. The quest I was looking to achieve. The truth is the path I had been on was a path intended for someone else’s general purpose. It wasn’t the intended purpose for me. I supported the goal of others at the cost of my own purpose. It took everything, I mean everything in me to go against what I had been trained. The ideas and the concepts of what had been engrained in me my entire life. To step outside the “LIMITS” others had placed on me to simply satisfy their current NEED of my skill sets.

It’s a bold choice, to be LIMITLESS. To remove yourself from those things that keep you SMALL. You will lose friendships, love, loyalties, and those things that hold you to a present form. It’s okay. It’s good for you. What you gain in exchange is what’s intended for you from this universe.

Don’t be afraid of change. Don’t be discouraged by being uncomfortable. Good Universal Intentions don’t happen to you by staying in the comfort of your current situation. If your current situation does not fulfill your true universally intended purpose, prepare for being uncomfortable to achieve your excellence.

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